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Come Swim With Us

Read more about how you can become a member with us. 

Our membership tiers are outlined as per the diagram below.

Social Participation & 8yr old Junior Dolphin (7).png

For those who may benefit from financial assistance, we are a KidSport approved club.


Visit Swim Central to sign up or renew your membership. 

Please contact the Registrar with any questions pertaining to Memberships.


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Screenshot 2023-10-24 at 7.42.06 am.png

Please refer to our 2023/2024 Club Handbook located in club documents section for more information.

Riverton Leisureplex admission entry information:

All Riverton Aquanauts squad participants will pay fees to the Riverton & Cannington Leisureplex to gain access to the pool hall for squad training and club nights. The City of Canning provides the following fee options: 

1x aquatic casual entry $3.00 (adult or child squad swimmer)

10x aquatic entries $27.00 (adult or child squad swimmer)

12-month up front aquatic membership $559 (allows unlimited access to pools for 12 months, and a 12 month membership at full purchase price receives an additional 2 months free)

Aquatic direct debit $12.40 per week (charged fortnightly, allows unlimited access to pools for 12 months)

Spectators no charge

12 month upfront Leisureplex plus membership $759.00 (allows unlimited access to pools, gym and group fitness for 12 months; only available to select squad members selected by coach to participate in elite pathway program)

For further information and to arrange your pool entry please speak to Riverton Leisureplex reception staff. 

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