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Welcome to the Riverton Aquanauts Swimming Club and Squad Program.

Our Vision

Our Mission

Our Values

Inspiring and enriching the community of the City of Canning and beyond through the sport of swimming.

To encourage those swimming at any level, to realise their potential, develop their talent and follow their dreams.

Friendship, Inclusiveness, Commitment, Community, Integrity, Respect, Teamwork, Cooperation, Enjoyment and Sportsmanship

The club was formed in 2014 and started with a head coach and just six swimming members. 

It has since grown to have a team of coaching staff and more than 100 swimming members and 250 swimmers in total. 

Many of our swimmers joined the club to simply be part of a large likeminded team and to enhance their skills in the water. 

What they have found is that joining the Riverton Aquanauts has developed them as people, improved their confidence, discipline and fitness, created many long term friendships in addition to providing them with a rapid improvement in all swimming strokes. 

The club has developed people that were unable to competently swim to a stage where they have been champions at their school and inter school and have represented the club at state and national level. 

The club offers a welcoming and safe environment for swimmers of all ages and and their families. 

We are proud to be a multicultural and inclusive club. We value our diversity and the greater connection it offers us to our local community. 

Come swim with us!

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